Zachary “Mwai” Mwangi, better known by his stage name Proud Refuge, is a Rapper, singer , songwriter and Motivational Speaker. Raised in Sacramento, California. This Kenyan – American is among a new breed of African- american artists bridging the gospel gap for millennials taking the trap sound sensibility and elevating it to its great effect. His smooth delivery and evocative vocal tone pair well with the bouncy, energetic production that defines his sound. At just 21 years old, Refuge rise from local rapper with swagger to compelling artist equipped with a message, has been refreshing to watch.

As evidenced by his project Mountain Movers Club (2017) and Sold Out (2016), Refuge has plenty of swag and wisdom to impart, and people are beginning to connect with his candid approach. There’s a sense of transparency that comes through in his music, a kind of refined rawness that can only be gained through experience and honing your craft. Currently Preparing his third forthcoming studio album “Mwai” set to feature proud’s most impressive and transparent piece of Art to date.