Zachary “Proud Refuge” Mwangi, is a Multi Award winning recording artist, rapper, song-writer, entrepreneur and founder of the Mountain Movers Club foundation. Born 22 December 1995, the American-Kenyan anomaly started his musical journey in Nairobi, Kenya where he recorded his first demo 'Ghetto to Palace' at just 11 years old. 

Upon returning to the US in 2007, he decided he would continue pursuing his newly discovered passion following up a 10 track album entitled "Freshly Redeemed" which was later debuted in the summer of 2011 featuring local acts from his hometown. Following the release of his album, Refuge eventually caught the attention of Kenya's Gospel legend Ruff-tone, offering Refuge (Malachi) a partnership deal with his label Lamp-stand Records which landed in 2012 featuring Hip hop legend Juliani.

At just 15 years of age, Proud was well on his way carving a unique place for himself in the Kenyan music industry emulating artists like Lecrae and Kirk franklin to name a few. Despite his christian upbringing and gospel references in his early music, Refuge struggled with finding his identity in God balancing school and temptations of fame as a young man. However, at a divine cross road in his life, Refuge inherited the name ‘Proud Refuge’ in late 2015, after a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit. Consequently, he discovered his purpose to inspire and deliver others facing similar circumstances through his music.

This birthed his movement, in 2016, a collective movement whose sole mission is ignite hope and impact middle school and high school students against suicide and drug abuse including at risk youth struggling to find their identity.. His music not only continues to touch lives  locally, but globally transcending past his regions barrier crossing over in millions of streams on spotify. Amongst a profound breed of artists, Proud continues to bridge the gap between the coined 'afro-gospel' and hip hop genres in the diaspora. The cutting edge Songwriter provokes a unique sound penetrating the hearts of thousands of listeners. 

Proud's music addresses real issues while refusing to conform to the negative stereotypes of rap music. He aims to inspire his audience and share the insights he’s gained through his faith. In a world plagued by negativity, Proud Refuge is a beacon of hope. No matter the medium, his work demonstrates the hope and inspiration faith can bring.