Proud Refuge - BALLIN' (Remix)

Proud Refuge Has Gone Viral

In his Early years "Proud Refuge' has always loved remix and remaking songs adding his own creative touch. You won't believe what he did to this. #ModernRevivalist

Re·​viv·​al·​ist | \ Ri-ˈvī-və-list

Modern Revivalist Documentary


The Modern Revivalist, Popularly known as Proud Refuge, is a Rapper, singer, song-writer, and entrepreneur. Born Zachary Mwangi, The Kenyan- American anomaly is among a profound breed of artists bridging the gap by taking the trap sensibility and elevating it to its great effect. Slipping between rapping and singing in English and Swahili, he represents his home and heritage boldly. His smooth delivery and evocative vocal tone pair well with the bouncy, energetic production that defines his sound.